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HinaESS, The Most Advanced Battery Solution Provider

HinaESS is a cutting-edge battery technology company that is leading the way in energy storage solutions. Our advanced batteries are designed to provide the highest levels of performance, reliability, and efficiency, making them ideal for a wide range of applications.

Hi-5 Work With Voltronic Inverter

We are proud to partner with Voltronic Power, a leading manufacturer of innovative solar and renewable energy solutions. Our partnership brings easy and cost-efficient solutions in the market.

Hi-5 Work With Victron Inverter

Shout out to Eon! SonX Energy, the Authorized Victron Dealer and Service Center.

HinaESS is delighted to work with SonX Energy to bring this Hi-5+Victron Combo to millions of South African users to stay away from load shedding.

1C Testing Victron Hi-5

Shout out to Eon! SonX Energy, the Authorized Victron Dealer and Service Center.

In this video, we’re exploring the dynamic pairing of the robust HINAESS Hi-5 Battery and Victron Inverter. Together, they create an unstoppable energy package operating flawlessly at a solid 1C rate.

Join us as we unveil this powerful synergy, offering you a glimpse into the future of reliable energy solutions. Subscribe for the latest updates as we redefine what’s possible in energy technology!


Unleashing Power with HINAESS Hi-5 Battery and DEYE Hybrid Inverter! Big thanks to Patrick!

In this video, we’ll demonstrate the seamless communication between HINAESS and DEYE Inverters, making it easy for you to optimize your system setup. Meanwhile witness the extraordinary performance of our Hi-5 Battery as it effortlessly handles a 1C discharge, showcasing its durability and reliability.

HINAESS Hi-5 + LuxpowerTek SNA 6kW

Welcome to LuxpowerTek’s SNA 6kW + Hi-5 Dream Package!

Say goodbye to #loadshedding woes! Join us in South Africa as we showcase the power of #hinaess #Luxpowertek #victron #deye #sunsynk, and other top-notch products. In this video, we will be showcasing Eco SNA series parallel in single phase or three phase configurations, designed to pair seamlessly with our rack-mount model Hi-5. Experience flawless energy solutions, lighting up homes in South Africa. Subscribe to our YouTube channel for the latest news and updates!